Workshops & presentations

Big Story Small microfiction workshops are designed for practicing writers and for anyone seeking a creative outlet. They can also be tailored for school groups of all ages, or as corporate creative team activities. You can view testimonials of the workshops here.

Based in Melbourne we design workshops that cover the history and theory of very short fiction and introduce great examples of this type of writing with a focus on getting participants writing themselves, in a supportive environment. The emphasis is on personal creativity and engagement through language and storytelling. A range of support materials are provided.

From hour-long presentations and half-day mini-courses to workshop series taking place over a number of days, Big Story Small can fashion workshops to your requirements.

Writing created in workshops can also be collated so participants can continue to enjoy and share the fruits of their creativity. Formats available include hard-copy writing zines, audio collections and stand-alone microfiction blogs.

For more information please call during business hours [ o4I4.359.ooI ] or complete the contact form by clicking the link below.

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