Seeking bilingual writers

An important component of the Text Me project (ArtSpace, Ringwood: April 1 -22) is a work called Lost in Translation. This will take the form of a simple piece of microfiction, written specifically for the project, retold and reproduced in non-English languages. The original English text will only be made available to the re-tellers of the story. This project will place the native English-speaking audience at a disadvantage, inverting the dominant language hierarchy. In order to access the story English readers will need to find a non-English speaker to re-interpret the story for them. My own role as the original creator of the story will also be circumvented, priviledging narrative over prose, story over ‘writing’. The displayed texts will also emphasise writing as a form of drawing, and allow the audience, regardless of their ability to access a linguistic ‘meaning’, to enjoy the graphic quality of script.

I’m calling for writers or other bilingual people to assist by contributing a retelling of the story. If you’re the first person to ‘put your hand up’ from your native language group (I’m after just one version in each language, but as many languages as possible) I’ll forward you the story, which is only about 300 words long, and some very simple instructions. You’ll be credited (in your native language) and will be part of what I’m sure will be a fascinating exploration of writing, language and the cultural nuance of storytelling.

Following is the list of the languages that are already covered:

  • Russian (added April 24)
  • German (TBC) (added April 26)
  • Italian (TBC) (added April 26)
  • French (added April 26)
  • Greek (added April 26)
  • Indonesian

To get involved drop me a line using the link below.


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