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In readiness for Flashing the Square 2014

Posted in FLASHING THE SQUARE, stories on June 28, 2014 by Richard Holt

Production for the videos for this year’s Flashing the Square, to be screened at the Melbourne Writers Festival in late August, is now in full swing. This year’s stories have been selected from the 2014 joanne burns Award run by Spineless Wonders along with works from invited authors. Following, as a taste of what to expect are a few more examples screened at Federation Square during last year’s Writers Festival:-

This year’s project will feature 14 stories produced as video along with a new collaborative text project I’ve produced with authors from Roomers magazine.

National Flash Fiction Day, Bristol

Posted in NEWS & INFORMATION on June 28, 2014 by Richard Holt

I’ve just had a piece published in the National Flash Fiction Day collection Eating My Words and to celebrate (and because I’m currently in the UK with my family) I read a selection of four pieces at the NFFD event in Bristol. NFFD ( is a fabulous celebration of very short fiction and the stories read on the night were all exceptional, covering a wide range of material. If you can get a hold of the collection it is a terrific read – one of the best collections of flash fiction by selected authors that I’ve come across.